"We Are Groot"

"We Are Groot"

I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot.

Malia + Winter clothes? — Asked by arinjaeger


First winter as a non-coyote is going great!

get to know me: teen wolf edition02/08 favourite characters | cora hale

get to know me: teen wolf edition
02/08 favourite characters | cora hale

I keep fighting
I wonder if I’ll ever win

what do you think about Malia? — Asked by Anonymous



she’s hilarious and i love that it’s unintentional for her, she’s just being herself. aND THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS SHE MAKES ARE ADORABLE

i love that so much of her arc was devoted to her learning about and adjusting to not only humanity, but to pack and friends/family. before she was turned back to human, she only had herself to rely on. maybe there were other coyotes or other animals who came through her forest, but back then she had to focus on her own survival above all else. and now she has other people to rely on and who also rely on her, and at the start of s4 she was still adjusting to that. but seeing her at the end of the season be worried about everyone while she’s heading to mexico to save her alpha, even while her dick dad is telling her to kill someone, it was just jksadhkasd Q__Q

i know there’s the question of where mr. tate is, but like.. the fact he’s kind of absent makes sense to me? sure, there was the immediate relief of her being returned after so long, but it doesn’t change the fact that malia was coming off years of being a wild animal. her room was still the same as when she was 9 years old, completely unchanged—she wasn’t the little girl he’d remember or even know how to deal with, and he wasn’t the most emotionally stable man when we saw him. ntm there’s the barrier between them of the fact he’s human and she’s not, she can’t exactly tell him the truth about where she’s been or about the truth of the accident, so there’s the GUILT. within weeks of her being brought home, malia was in eichen house, and regardless if it was her decision or his, it.. doesn’t speak very well for how their relationship went when she came home?? (tbh i rec reading this fic, as it has some reeeally good filler for those gaps. also it’s really good, that too)

i really really love in the absence of both her families, she found her own in the stilinskis and the pack ;u; 

also i really love all her relationships with everyone. her closeness with kira and being the voice she doesn’t have; caring about scott as not only her alpha but also her friend; the fact that hers and stiles’ relationship is the reverse of typical ~teen supernatural romance~, with her as the strong one and his protector. also: spooning.



“Today we assemble. Tomorrow we will rise.

Today we assemble. Tomorrow we will rise.

What makes you think we came  a l o n e?